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Sheep in the vineyard

Sheep grazing in the vineyard used to be a common practice as the grass was often scarce in the fields between January and February.

For 10 years now, Vieux Landat's flock has been helping with maintaining the plots from the end of the harvest until the beginning of spring. As grass is left to grow, our vines need regular care, even during winter. Sheep are an excellent alternative to mechanical weeding and postpone the first spring interventions by 2 to 3 weeks. In addition to being all-terrain (no blade of grass escapes them!), they do not have any negative effects on the soil's structure or fertility. On the contrary, their droppings enriched the land and help to maintain its equilibrium.

Sadly, the vine's young leaves and buds are very tasty and our cute leggy lawn-mowers could cause important damage.

Our sheep go back to their meadow under the Château's windows as soon as nature awakens until the next harvest when they will be free again to stroll between the rows.

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