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The estate

In Haut-Médoc: the winery and 18 ha of vineyard between Cissac and Verteuil

In Saint-Estèphe: the windmill and 10 ares of vineyard

Grape variety: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot

At the end of summer in 1999, Pierre Signolle takes over the Château Vieux Landat. After working in viticulture for 10 years, he is ready to start a new adventure. Thus, starts a huge modernization project.

Years after years the vineyard is rejuvenated. Between 2000 and 2010, half of the vineyard is replanted with a majority of Merlot to give rounder wines. A new grape variety is also introduced: Petit Verdot.

After the vineyard, the winery is also redesigned. A big winery of 1200m2 is built to foster the harvest in the best possible conditions.

Temperature controlled vessels are installed to vinify the wines at low temperatures.


In 2015, Pierre's wife, Sophie Signolle, and her children, Nicolas and Diane, take over the management of the vineyard and continue the investments in the winery and the vineyard.

Map cadastre vieux landat.png

Viticulture and environment

Type of culture: sustainable

Certification: HVE level 3 since 2019

At Château Vieux Landat we practice a sustainable viticulture. Natural grass growing all year long in the middle of the rows enables microbial soil life. Under the vines rows, we practice mecanical weeding. The objective is, on the one hand, to give strengh to the vine by avoiding competing grass. And, on the other hand, to aerate the folliage and the bunches to avoid disease.

During the months of the vine's dormancy, our sheeps are the one taking care of the vineyard.

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